Sunday, August 22, 2010

the last 16 months!

It has been 16 months since I last posted. 16 months! I can't believe it. I logged in only to find that my "cutest blog on the block" template was no longer working. I quickly updated it and decided to give an update on the last 16 months of our lives.

Sometime in April 2009, I started to pursue my Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT). It was a quick decision that I thought about for about a month, got my portfolio together, and started in June 2009. My mom helped with part of the expense (which was what I needed to get me started) and then my employer reimbursed for some of it. The American Physical therapy Association's Vision 2020 is for all practicing physical therapists to have their doctorate by 2020. Getting my DPT may help one day with job placement, teaching at a university, or becoming a director of rehab. More importantly, I hope that my children see that education is important and it encourages them to dream big.

I decided to get on a fast track and double classes to finish early. I am a sprinter, not a marathoner. I knew that we could make sacrifices for a year and a half but to stretch it over the projected 3 year plan would be grueling. I needed Peter's support and could not have done this without him. He bathed the kids and fed them on nights that assignments were due. Often times, I was up at 2am completing projects to submit them by midnight Arizona time. He was/is extremely helpful at home with laundry and "womanly" duties -- and I needed that.

At the beginning of this month, Mom, James, and I flew to Arizona for me to "graduate" from A.T. Still University, Arizona School of Health Sciences. I still have a terminal project to complete by Thanksgiving so I am technically not a graduate yet, but close! I chose to graduate early bc I have no idea what may be going in our lives for the April graduation. Now you can see why there have been no posts for the past 16 months! I am on a 1 month break that ends September 1st.

Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer last summer and underwent radiation treatment and oral chemotherapy treatment that he is still doing. He is such a fighter and an inspiration to me! I hope I am able to enjoy a long life like him.

Peter took the BCM students on a missiion trip to Peru in May 2009 and then facilitated a return trip in May 2010 for the students. You can read about the trips on our BCM on Mission blog. Last summer, Peter, Cliff Daniels, John Temples, and Ryan Thompson headed to Colorado to climb some 14,000 ft. peaks. Their plan was to climb 4 but decided to just climb 2 once they got out there.

Hannah donated her hair to locks of love! 10 inches.

Peter traveled alot that summer to Idaho and Portland for BCM related events. We were blessed with a trip to San Francisco by Golden Gate Theological Seminary in September 2009. That was our real 10 year anniversary celebration! July 31, 2009 was our anniversary but we were not able to get away without the kids. We celebrated downtown and stayed at Charleston Place with the kids. Going to San Francisco was a treat! Lauren Denton took wonderful care of our kids while we were gone texting us pics of them eating spaghetti and such.

In the last year, we bid farewell to Cliff Daniels, Karis Denton, and soon to bid farewell to Lauren Denton -- our fabulous BCM interns that have enriched our lives tremendously and taught us so much about Jesus. They are living the good life.

Peter decided to stay closer to home this year and not travel so much this summer. With my classes, I was so glad he decided to stay close. He was able to attend Lauren's pre-4 graduation and see both girls' ballet recitals -- all of which he would have missed. This summer flew by with trips to visit all of our parents -- some planned and some unplanned. Pop-Pop rented a slide for the kids when we went to Georgia. Lastly, we spent 10 days in Louisiana with mom and James after his daughter Amy's tragic death. A beautiful life ended.

Now, here we are at the start of Fall Semester/Quarter welcoming freshmen and the start of a new school year! Hannah started 3rd grade, Lauren is in Kindergarten and Stone is in pre-4. Stone and Lauren were fortunate to have their sibling's teachers so they are excited about the new year.

Well, that about wraps up the last 16 months.

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