Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pulling Teeth

This weekend we went to the UGA/TN game and took the camper and spent the weekend in Athens. We arrived and started to back into our tailgating spot and I heard air coming from one of the tires. Flat. Later that night I saw water coming from under the camper. Leak. I was totally prepared for camping chaos because I grew up doing this and sometimes our vacation was being delayed while my dad soldered wires together on the side of the highway. Peter, on the other hand, was getting annoyed.

The next morning, we went to Pep Boys to get the tired replaced and we all had to go because the trailer was jacked up and we weren't able to go inside. I hadn't even dressed the kids yet... I was bored waiting for the tire and asked Hannah (in her fuzzy jammies) to come sit in the front seat with me so I could wiggle her tooth. I was hoping to pull it because I needed some extra excitement! I thought her squeeling may be bothering other customers so we went out to the 4-wheelers and sat on the curb. She yelled and screamed, cried and laughed, spit and spat and then I did it!

The tire is fixed and on the camper now ... but getting Peter to go camping with me again may be as difficult as pulling teeth.

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