Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kiss your sister ...again... on the mouth... ok, one more time.

I have been a little frustrated with the kids arguing and complaining recently. Stone has even joined in and you can tell that he is tattling in a sing-song voice. I may not totally know what he is saying but I know it is not good!

Well, on this lazy Saturday, Lauren and Hannah woke up fussing about one being on the potty when the other one needed to go, too. About 15 minutes later, they were still at it about something else. So, I said, "That's it! You all hug right this minute and kiss."

"Mom! Not kiss! I don't want to kiss her!"

"Do it or I will go get the spatula and give you a pop."


Then, since they didn't like it ... I said do it again. In the process, Hannah stepped on Lauren's foot and the tattling began again... so I said do it again. They got the picture and stopped for the moment. Wonder how long it will last??

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