Friday, June 20, 2008

I hate good-byes.

Front: Wyatt, Lauren, Hannah, Elena, Graham.

Back: Christina, Tanya, Peter, Stone, Greg

We met Greg and Christina in 2006 shortly after moving to Charleston. We all attended a "Shepherding the Staff" conference and soon found out that our children are very close in age. Play dates began and we quickly helped one another with childcare trade-offs for doctor visits, school meetings, hair appointments, etc. The children LOVE each other. Christina and I had long phone conversations while our children napped and we folded laundry and cleaned house. It was nice to have a family that lived so close and we shared so much in common -- Greg was also a minister in Charleston. In October 2008, I started back to work full-time and so the play dates were few and far between. Christina made sure that the girls were able to play together in spite of my schedule and Lauren and Wyatt went to "school" MMO together on TuTh. Now they are leaving to pursue another ministry opportunity 2 1/2 hours away. That's not too bad. There will be no goodbyes. I hate goodbyes. See you later, Pittmans. We love you.

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