Monday, June 2, 2008

Piccolo-Spoleto Festival

In 2006, Peter and I packed up Lauren and Hannah in our sit-n-stand stroller and headed downtown to the Children's Festival, a part of Piccolo-Spoleto. I was 39 weeks pregnant. LSU students on an "adventure" had spent the night with us and left that morning going home. I pushed the stroller at the festival and thought I was a little dehydrated when contractions started that evening. I drank plenty of water but baby Stone was on his way and I delivered around midnight that night.

A year later, I packed up Hannah, Lauren, and Stone in a wagon and headed to the Children's Festival -- with my mother-in-law Nancy and her mother Nana. We had a blast watching the marching band, getting our faces painted, and riding ponies. I locked my keys in the car in the chaos of unloading 3 children. We had fun anyway.

This year, we passed on the Children's Festival because Peter and his dad Bill were painting the exterior of the house and I wasn't up for 3 kids, crowds and heat ALONE. I was bummed because I enjoyed looking at the art and taking the kids. Then Peter told me that he could get us tickets to The Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve. I was excited! But could the girls sit still for this?? Will any other children be there? Is this appropriate for a 3 and 6 year old? It's at 8 PM. Will we all make it?

We loved it. We tried to leave before the last performance began and the girls refused. It was wonderful! The kids were fantastic. We drew a lot of smiles and attention -- being the only couple with children at the event. Stone missed out with this one (at home in bed) ... just as he did with the first one in 2006!

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