Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kids Quotes --taken from facebook page

.:"Hey Dad! I just found a penny back here. Now, can we go to Disney World?" 6 yr old Hannah (in the car) after being told Disney World is expensive and we won't be going anytime soon.
.:"Is she the one with the sparkly pimple?" 5 year old Hannah replied when asked if she remembers Paige Orman. (Paige has a nose ring a.k.a. sparkly pimple!)
.:"Mom, smell this perfume. It's really tough," Hannah said meaning strong.
.:Our pastor was speaking and made the statement, "God is eternal." Hannah, age 5 1/2, was sitting on the floor beside me at church. She looked up and smiled shaking her head, "That's funny. God is a turtle?"
.:"Ohhh. You squished his grits out," after I squished a bug.
.:"Mommy, he must be smoking so he can go to Heaven," says 4 yr old Hannah to me after I told her that smoking kills you and you shouldn't try it.

.:"Look! Where did Hannah get this chicken pull-up?" Lauren referring to a pull-up with tweety bird on the front.
.:"Mommy, we is lost. You making lost turns. We is lost." My reply was that we were not lost. "WE IS LOST! WE NEED TO CALL JESUS." I started laughing. "or maybe call meh-wee (Mary)." Lauren on the way to the movies -- almost 3.
.:"Mom, Stoney pee-peed in my bed and I sat in it and now I am all wet!" Lauren tells us after she woke from a nap where I forgot to put a pull-up on her.
.:"This is my bunny bunny." meaning belly button.
.:"Chicken Bess, you need make Stoney better," speaking to Dr. Kisabeth, our pediatrician.
.:"Wrap my bed up" meaning... make my bed.
.:"Mama, you dumb?" meaning... are you done?
.:"This is my baby soup" referring to her bathing suit.
.:"Hey Toe!" says 2 yr old Lauren to little brother Stone.
.:"Hissy mean!" says 2 yr old Lauren to big sissy Hannah.

I love playing with Stone and asking him questions...Where is Stone? He responds with arms up shaking his head, "I don't know." EVERYTHING is either I don't know or NO!

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